Hard Times Serve to Expose the Hypocrites (9:94 – 9:96)

Hard Times Serve to Expose the Hypocrites

[9:94] They apologize to you when you return to them (from battle). Say, “Do not apologize; we no longer trust you. GOD has informed us about you.” GOD will see your works, and so will the messenger, then you will be returned to the Knower of all secrets and declarations, then He will inform you of everything you had done.
[9:95] They will swear by GOD to you, when you return to them, that you may disregard them. Do disregard them. They are polluted, and their destiny is Hell, as a requital for the sins they have earned.
[9:96] They swear to you, that you may pardon them. Even if you pardon them, GOD does not pardon such wicked people.

The hypocrites are constantly trying to please Muhammad the man and negate God and the message. Throughout chapter 9 the hypocrites swear to try to gain credibility:
9:42, 56, 62, 74, 95, 96, 107

The believers swear for serious matters
24:6 (adultery), 5:107, 21:57

Is it only the hard times that expose the hypocrites or can easy times also expose the hypocrites?

Fair Weather Friends

[29:10] Among the people there are those who say, “We believe in GOD,” but as soon as they suffer any hardship because of GOD, they equate the people’s persecution with GOD’s retribution. But if blessings from your Lord come your way, they say, “We were with you.” Is GOD not fully aware of the people’s innermost thoughts? [29:11] GOD will most certainly distinguish those who believe, and He will most certainly expose the hypocrites. [29:12] Those who disbelieved said to those who believed, “If you follow our way, we will be responsible for your sins.” Not true; they cannot bear any of their sins. They are liars. [29:13] In fact, they will carry their own sins, in addition to loads of other people’s sins for which they were responsible. Most certainly, they will be asked on the Day of Resurrection about their false claims. 

Bad Weather Friends

[17:67] If you are afflicted in the middle of the sea, you forget your idols and sincerely implore Him alone. But as soon as He saves you to the shore, you revert. Indeed, the human being is unappreciative. [17:68] Have you guaranteed that He will not cause the land, on shore, to swallow you? Or, that He will not send upon you a tempest, then you find no protector? [17:69] Have you guaranteed that He will not return you to the sea another time, then send upon you a storm that drowns you because of your disbelief? Once this happens, we will not give you another chance.


True Believers are Eager to Strive (9:88 – 9:93)

True Believers are Eager to Strive

[9:88] As for the messenger and those who believed with him, they eagerly strive with their money and their lives. These have deserved all the good things; they are the winners.
[9:89] GOD has prepared for them gardens with flowing streams, wherein they abide forever. This is the greatest triumph.
[9:90] The Arabs made up excuses, and came to you seeking permission to stay behind. This is indicative of their rejection of GOD and His messenger—they stay behind. Indeed, those who disbelieve among them have incurred a painful retribution.
[9:91] Not to be blamed are those who are weak, or ill, or do not find anything to offer, so long as they remain devoted to GOD and His messenger. The righteous among them shall not be blamed. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.
[9:92] Also excused are those who come to you wishing to be included with you, but you tell them, “I do not have anything to carry you on.” They then turn back with tears in their eyes, genuinely saddened that they could not afford to contribute.
[9:93] The blame is on those who ask your permission to stay behind, even though they have no excuse. They have chosen to be with the sedentary. Consequently, GOD has sealed their hearts, and thus, they do not attain any knowledge.

How can we tell if we are sedentary?
We should be eager to strive. If we aren’t then we may be sedentary.

[3:133] You should eagerly race towards forgiveness from your Lord and a Paradise whose width encompasses the heavens and the earth; it awaits the righteous. 

[23:61] They are eager to do righteous works; they compete in doing them. 

[35:32] We passed the scripture from generation to generation, and we allowed whomever we chose from among our servants to receive it. Subsequently, some of them wronged their souls, others upheld it only part of the time, while others were eager to work righteousness in accordance with GOD’s will; this is the greatest triumph. 

Quranic Study Groups

[18:28] You shall force yourself to be with those who worship their Lord day and night, seeking Him alone. Do not turn your eyes away from them, seeking the vanities of this world. Nor shall you obey one whose heart we rendered oblivious to our message; one who pursues his own desires, and whose priorities are confused.

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Worldly Materials Are Nil (9:85 – 9:87)

Worldly Materials Are Nil

[9:85] Do not be impressed by their money or their children; GOD causes these to be sources of misery for them in this world, and their souls depart as disbelievers.
[9:86] When a sura is revealed, stating: “Believe in GOD, and strive with His messenger,” even the strong among them say, “Let us stay behind!”
[9:87] They chose to be with the sedentary. Consequently, their hearts were sealed, and thus, they cannot comprehend.

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Satan’s Most Effective Bait: The Myth of Intercession (9:80 – 9:84)

Satan’s Most Effective Bait: The Myth of Intercession*

[9:80] Whether you ask forgiveness for them, or do not ask forgiveness for them—even if you ask forgiveness for them seventy times—GOD will not forgive them. This is because they disbelieve in GOD and His messenger. GOD does not guide the wicked people.
*9:80 If Muhammad could not intercede on behalf of his own uncles and cousins, what makes strangers who never met him think that he will intercede on their behalf? Abraham could not intercede on behalf of his father, nor could Noah intercede on behalf of his son (11:46 & 60:4). 

[9:81] The sedentary rejoiced in their staying behind the messenger of GOD, and hated to strive with their money and their lives in the cause of GOD. They said, “Let us not mobilize in this heat!” Say, “The fire of Hell is much hotter,” if they could only comprehend.
[9:82] Let them laugh a little, and cry a lot. This is the requital for the sins they have earned.
[9:83] If GOD returns you to a situation where they ask your permission to mobilize with you, you shall say, “You will never again mobilize with me, nor will you ever fight with me against any enemy. For you have chosen to be with the sedentary in the first place. Therefore, you must stay with the sedentary.”
[9:84] You shall not observe the funeral prayer for any of them when he dies, nor shall you stand at his grave. They have disbelieved in GOD and His messenger, and died in a state of wickedness.

What is the difference between intercession and asking for forgiveness?
When you intercede it means that the person has the power to intercede on behalf of God’s decision. Asking for forgiveness is acknowledging that it is all up to God if He chooses to forgive or not.

[47:19] You shall know that: “There is no other god beside GOD,” and ask forgiveness of your sins and the sins of all believing men and women. GOD is fully aware of your decisions and your ultimate destiny.

[9:113] Neither the prophet, nor those who believe shall ask forgiveness for the idol worshipers, even if they were their nearest of kin, once they realize that they are destined for Hell. 

On The Day Of Resurrection

[5:116] GOD will say, “O Jesus, son of Mary,* did you say to the people, `Make me and my mother idols beside GOD?’ ” He will say, “Be You glorified. I could not utter what was not right. Had I said it, You already would have known it. You know my thoughts, and I do not know Your thoughts. You know all the secrets. [5:117] “I told them only what You commanded me to say, that: `You shall worship GOD, my Lord and your Lord.’ I was a witness among them for as long as I lived with them. When You terminated my life on earth, You became the Watcher over them. You witness all things. [5:118] “If You punish them, they are Your constituents. If You forgive them, You are the Almighty, Most Wise.” 

▸ noun: a member of a constituency; a citizen who is represented in a government by officials for whom he or she votes (“Needs continued support by constituents to be re-elected”)
▸ noun: an artifact that is one of the individual parts of which a composite entity is made up; especially a part that can be separated from or attached to a system (“A component or constituent element of a system”)
▸ noun: an abstract part of something (“Two constituents of a musical composition are melody and harmony”) 

Funeral Prayer

You Shall Be Stern With the Disbelievers (9:73 – 9:79)

You Shall Be Stern With the Disbelievers

[9:73] O you prophet, strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be stern in dealing with them. Their destiny is Hell; what a miserable abode!
[9:74] They swear by GOD that they never said it, although they have uttered the word of disbelief; they have disbelieved after becoming submitters. In fact, they gave up what they never had. They have rebelled even though GOD and His messenger have showered them with His grace and provisions. If they repent, it would be best for them. But if they turn away, GOD will commit them to painful retribution in this life and in the Hereafter. They will find no one on earth to be their lord and master.
[9:75] Some of them even pledged: “If GOD showered us with His grace, we would be charitable, and would lead a righteous life.”
[9:76] But when He did shower them with His provisions, they became stingy, and turned away in aversion.
[9:77] Consequently, He plagued them with hypocrisy in their hearts, till the day they meet Him. This is because they broke their promises to GOD, and because of their lying.
[9:78] Do they not realize that GOD knows their secrets, and their conspiracies, and that GOD is the Knower of all secrets?
[9:79] Those who criticize the generous believers for giving too much, and ridicule the poor believers for giving too little, GOD despises them. They have incurred a painful retribution.

Stern: a stern action is so firm that you cannot oppose it

God doesn’t send anyone astray. God allows us to confirm what is already in our heart according to 9:75 and 9:76

There is a system according to 9:77 that when people want to disbelieve God allows them to fall into hypocrisy and disbelief.

9:76 confirms that people typically do not keep up with the percentage of charity they give when their wealth is increased.

Why would someone criticize for giving too much or too little?